February 3, 2009

You Are Magnificent! (AWEsome EFT video)

As an introduction, you may want to read my post Why EFT (and what is it anyhow?) .

 I just finished watching Brad Yates most recent free EFT video on Youtube and it was AWESOME!!!
I have embedded it at the bottom of this post and I hope you'll try it out.

You do not need tapping experience to use this video! Just tap on the spots you see Brad tapping and say the words he says.

I haven't even made my breakfast yet (bad me ;-) but I wanted to share this with you right away!

Any of you who have read the famous excerpt from Marianne Williamson's book Return To Love may recognise a similar theme (and even some similar, powerful phrases) in this excellent tap-along video. The excerpt is often entitled "Our Deepest Fear" and has been incorrectly attributed to Nelson Mandela many times.
It's a powerful piece of writing and worth checking out if you're not familiar with it.

Both the video and that piece of writing do use the 'God' word and in the past, that would have gotten in the way for me, but in the last number of years I've gotten used to 'translating' the word 'God' when I hear it.
It used to mean something religious to me (and since I'm patently not religious, it clashed energetically) but now, to me, it means something more spiritual and energetic. I think of the amazing Universe that we live in, the miraculous bodies we may take for granted each day and I think of 'God' as connected to all of that.

In this tap-along video, Brad does use the word 'God' and at the beginning he invites us to think of or say aloud whatever word feels right to us. It could be Life Force, Spirit, Universe, Higher Self, Goddess or any word at all that works for you.

For those who are atheist, I invite you to not let this tiny, 3-letter 'God' word stop you from benefiting from this video!
'Life Force' can refer entirely to the amazing force in our bodies that created us and sustains us and might be a more comfortable phrase for you (if any atheists reading this have other phrases or terms that work for them in this sort of context, I'd love it if you shared! ☺)

I cannot say enough how excellent and, well, 'kicka$$' (as my younger brother would say) I found this video! For me, it triggered all sorts of giggles and gleeful laughter though for some, including myself at times, it may bring tears.

*if you find tapping physically difficult due to fatigue or injury, I have found that benefit can still be had from simply holding my fingers in place over each tapping point while saying the words.*
As always, tap at your own risk

Now I'd better go and eat breakfast.

Happy tapping!

Thank you Brad for another wonderful video!!!
I'm still giggling now and then!

If you'd like to watch the video directly on Youtube, you can do so here.


  1. I want to thank you again for posting this latest video of Brad's! I have started my day using this tapping video, and it is giving me a super good feeling about myself and about the day ahead. This is pure grace!
    Thank you for your blog and for providing me (us) with inspiring, positive energy.
    Peaceful day to you!

  2. Hi Ruth,

    You're welcome! I'm so glad it gave you a good feeling about yourself and the day ahead - it did the same for me too.
    This is a good reminder for me to go and watch/tap with it again now! I hope I remember to any time I need a boost.

    A peaceful and magnificent day to you!


  3. Hi Liberty,

    I love Brad Yates. It has been a while since I tapped, and a while since I visited your blog. This has been a delightful visit,and an unexpected TAP at any time is a good time.

    I commend you for the progress you are making both in your life and on your blog. Your "Comment Policy" is clear and powerful. I came to visit your site during the first days when you learned how broad and sometimes debilitating comments can be.

    I too am in recovery from MCS and respect, and embrace your journey.


  4. Hi Mokihana,

    Thank you for your kind words and understanding.
    They are both powerful healing forces and have had a wonderful effect on me today!

    I'm so glad the visit here was delightful for you (what a great word!!)!

    Somehow, although I had visited and enjoyed 2 of your blogs, I had missed the Makua O`o one! I just found it today and am excited to read it!
    There are many positive blogs out there but somehow I find it more powerful coming from another person who has MCS.

    It's a lot of work to write every day and I really appreciate your dedication. Thank you for giving others the opportunity to share such a personal journey with you!

    Blessings and Light to you

    for anyone curious about the blog I mentioned:

  5. Hi,
    I have just now gotten around to reading these few posts here...and I believe that you are one of the most positive people on the blogs! Having MCS for as many years as I have now, I've read a lot of things....but when I read something that lifts my spirit and gives me hope, aaaah, that refreshes me!
    Love to you,

  6. Hi Ruth,

    I'm glad I come across as positive! I often don't feel that way but I'm working on it. I feel it's an important ingredient in my healing.
    I, too, am so refreshed by things that are spirit-lifting or hopeful.
    It gives me motivation to keep going!


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