February 8, 2009

Celebrating MCS Improvements Part 2

Just over a month ago, I wrote Moving Forward... Noticing The Positive. That post was a sharing of part of how my healing had progressed over the last few years and included a few lists of things that I was able to do or be exposed to without reactions, or with greatly lessened reactions compared to in the past.

I want to keep noticing the positive and celebrating the improvements!

To anyone reading, I would really love if you shared any improvements you have noticed - no matter the size. Sharing them can serve as inspiration for others on this healing journey and as validation for our own healing.

I believe that we attract more of whatever we are focusing on and this has proven to be true in my own life. So I believe that focusing on the positive, on improvements no matter how large or small, is a crucial part of my healing journey.

So without further ado:

This week I noticed that I had bills laid out all over the kitchen counter for a few days. I remembered that only a few short years ago, I could not be in the same room as a new piece of mail or any newly printed paper! Yet here I was, spending time in this room with about 8 bills laid out - all smelling of inks and chlorine-processed paper. And I was fine. Yay!

I read a book recently from the library that smelled quite scented and also of cigarette smoke. I noticed the smell but did not react.

Perhaps best of all, I am now able to use a set of years-old markers to colour with! When I tried these markers last winter, I reacted immediately. Now I can spend over an hour colouring! I was also fine with a highlighter that I couldn't use as recently as October. It's exciting how fast improvements have been happening for me this past year.

The result is wonderful, vibrant colour that I can adorn my walls with like the ones shown in this post.

I recently had to replace my old inkjet printer and decided on a laser one (since it's in a room I don't use I am not worried about the ozone). The result has been wonderful and totally unexpected - I don't react to the ink at ALL! In laser printers, the ink is basically bits of plastic dust fused to the paper. None of it rubs off on my hands whereas with inkjet printers, my hands reacted if they touched the ink - even after much time.
*note* I wouldn't choose a laser unless I had a room to put it in that I don't spend time in.

I've been wanting to have a set of pieces on the wall to represent the chakras so I'm colouring with that theme in mind. So far I have the root and solar plexus chakras done (and for fun I have done a turtle because I recently had 2 dreams with turtles in them).

Many thanks go to http://www.mandalarbre.com for their amazing, inspiring colourable mandalas. They are all designed by Marc Bove and are copyrighted.
They have galleries there where you can see various coloured-in mandalas. It's wonderful seeing all of those vibrant colours! Media options may be watercolour paints, pencil crayons, markers, coloured pens or anything you tolerate.


  1. Hi!
    Oh Wow!!!! I love these pictures you've done!
    I like Mandalas but haven't done any in a long time...I'm taking a water color class now, so perhaps I can do some with that media soon. The colors are so vivid and full of life! The other thing I noted on this page today is this absolutely gorgeous photo to the right here ~ of the leaves in the water....brilliant reflective colors! If you get a chance, check out my photos of Mallard ducks on the Fox River that I took yesterday...Susie has posted them on the canary report site.
    This has been quite a day and I have not been on computer much at all....and now the day is done.
    I so appreciate your positive approach in this posting today....the things that you notice about yourself that indicate real progress in healing. I can sit and read an entire newspaper now without my lungs tightening up at all...a few years ago that was impossible! I can sit at the computer for over an hour, easily now...not so just a
    couple of years ago. I have days now that I can go into the craft store to buy my card stock, without any lung tightness or headache. Some days I have some difficulty, but they are fewer and fewer. I am able to sit in church through a service occasionally now without lung tightness. Things are looking up! I agree with you, that we find more of what we choose to focus on, all the time, in many ways. Just think of the possibilities in this!!!!

  2. Ruth thank you for sharing those wonderful, exciting improvements!
    I really like how many of them involve something you enjoy. It's great to hear how the easier days are getting more and more frequent for you.
    I enjoyed looking at the duck pictures from your walk.
    The photos on this blog change regularly so I missed the one you mentioned.

    I'd love to see pictures of any of your watercolour or cardstock art (what do you make using cardstock?).
    There is a website for people with MCs who are also artists that you may be interested in: http://www.creativecanaries.org/

  3. Aloha Liberty, This is so enlivening. Focusing on what you love. The mandala are BE-autiful...collecting all the healing loving activity in the colors is so fun. And the turtle (honu in Hawaiian) are auspicious visitations. Lucky you. What a nice read.
    Cheers, Mokihana


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