February 12, 2009

Technique to Tap the Healing Power of Love (plus video)

♥ ♥ ♥ Love can be an incredibly healing force - whether it is romantic love, the love of human or animal friendship, the love between parents and children or the love we feel for anything we are passionate about (hobbies, healthy food, nature). ♥ ♥ ♥

I believe that when we are in a place of love we attract more love.

One of the techniques I have been using to shift my energy and help healing is to notice my thoughts when I am not feeling well. If I'm not thinking of something I feel love about, I consciously choose to think of something that I love. At first there was very little I could think of that I loved that didn't instantly remind me of one of my many limitations due to MCS, migraines or food sensitivities. I call that a 'negative hook' because although the thought starts off positively, it hooks me into feeling sad or sorry for myself.
So I settled on gardening. I was able to think about that without too many negative 'hooks' and it brought me great joy to think of.

Thinking of gardening can help me get into a 'love place'.
What can help you feel love, joy, happiness, passion or contentment?
Is it something that you do? Something you think?

If you like making lists, I encourage you to make lists of things you love, then go through the list and circle or underline the things that
don't have any negative 'hooks' to them (example: I love lasagna but can't eat it - the can't part makes a negative hook that can snag me back into feeling bad if I think about lasagna - even though I love it).
When you've taken note of the ones that don't have negative 'hooks' to them, write them on a new piece of paper all by themselves so that you have a list of things that you can do or think about that cultivate a feeling of love, joy, happiness, passion etc (I feel that all of those enjoyable emotions have love in them).

Do not worry if your list only has one thing on it!
That's enough to work with! If all of your positives have a negative hook, find the one that has the least intense hook.

You can carry this list with you or post copies in each room you spend time in. Any time you are feeling less than good, you can look at the list and either do something on it or at least think about one of the things. Even with snow outside, I can still get into a love feeling by fantasizing about gardens I might make in the future.

Another excellent thing you can do is to use that list of the ones that have negative hooks and do a bit (or a lot) of EFT on those every day. Once you have dissolved the negative hook aspects of those things you love, you can use them to tap into the healing power of love.

It sounds a bit simplistic, I know, yet I have been pleasantly surprised at the results and I believe you may also be if you try it.
The more love and 'good' feelings we can cultivate in ourselves, the better we will feel.
The better we feel, the more energy will be freed up in our bodies.
The more energy our bodies have, the more they can use it to heal!

And for those of you who believe in the 'Law Of Attraction', this technique is excellent.

What we think about effects our feelings...
what we feel effects our 'vibration'
we attract things of a similar 'vibration'.

Therefore changing our thoughts can have powerful results.

Many thanks go to Jerry and Esther Hicks for their The Law Of Attraction book that introduced me to this simple and practical way of viewing the 'Law Of Attraction'.

I'd like to leave you with a short, easy tap-along video from Brad Yates on Becoming A Love Magnet!
As an introduction, you may want to read my post Why EFT (and what is it anyhow?) .
Please tap at your own risk :-)

Thanks again for your wonderful videos Brad! They definitely increase the love in this world.

You can also view this video directly on Youtube here.


  1. What a GREAT technique!! Thanks so much & also for the video - I really am enjoying Brad Yates. Didn't know of him before.

    Thanks so much

    Katie :-))))))

  2. Aloha Liberty,
    This is perfect. Giving myself a break today, and ending the evening with a peek at your blog to find The Love Magnet is such a treat.

    Believing I can attract and project good love is a powerful antidote to swimming in chemical soup. Listing things I appreciate (in love with) every week reinforces being that Love Magnet.

    Nice valentine, thanks so much!

    Good night, Mokihana

  3. P.S. Just saw that Jerry and Esther Hicks inspired you ... ditto! It's their take on 'appreciation' in place of 'gratitude' that inspires me to APPRECIATE. I am not yet able to pick up books to read like I have in times past, so their YouTube vids have done the trick for me.

    Mokihana again ;)

  4. I'm glad you guys liked it :-)

    Mokihana I enjoy reading your weekly appreciation list on your VardoForTwo blog. I think it's a wonderful thing to do and I'm so glad you share it for the world to see. That's very powerful!

    I haven't actually read the book I mentioned - I got it out from the library as an audio book. I really enjoyed it. I also get the little bits of wisdom that come frequently by email. I signed up for that on their website. I'll have to check out the Youtube videos! I had forgotten about them - thank you for the reminder :-)

  5. Thanks a whole bunch for posting this video of Brad's...I love it!!!!! I'm going to use this one alone with his others as often as I think of it! I never tire of learning EFT...it is opening up my world like nothing else has.
    To our mutual wellness!

  6. I remember when I use to say "Love is the only answer" and people looked at me as if I was crazy. I am so glad this movement has really caught on! The video is great!
    powerofself mastery.com

  7. Hi, Libby. Came for a visit to be in good company, and see how your life moves progressively in a positive flow. I love this Brad video, enjoyed tapping along and visiting you here. I too am in a good flow, stopping here was a good and loving choice.

    All the best,

  8. Dear Mokihana,
    I'm so happy to read that you are in a good flow!
    Thanks for stopping by :-)
    Wishing you well,


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