January 11, 2009

Why EFT (and what is it anyhow?)

From time to time, I will be posting links related to EFT on this blog.
I may also post EFT 'scripts' that I feel may be beneficial.

I have found EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to be a helpful item in my 'toolbox'.
Before I get to the "Why?", you may be wondering...

What is EFT anyhow?

EFT is a method for lessening the intensity of uncomfortable emotions, thoughts or physical sensations. It is done by tapping on various points of the body (said to correspond to certain points on the acupuncture energy 'meridians') while saying certain phrases either out loud or in one's mind.
Once one knows that tapping 'points' on the body, one can create their own words or use free scripts like these.

EFT can look pretty weird and is easy to be skeptical of.
I heard of it many years ago but didn't actually try it until about 3 years ago. I was stubborn, and pretty closed-minded about something 'weird' that I didn't understand. I hope you won't let the same thing stop you from trying it that I did!

The way I see it now (and the viewpoint that finally allowed me to try it) is that there is nothing to lose by trying it aside from a tiny bit of time and effort.
There are many sites on the internet that give directions on how to do it for free. There's no need to feel silly trying something 'weird' in front of anyone because one can do it alone, in the comfort of one's home , once again for free. There are even EFT videos online (of varying quality) where one can 'tap along' with a practitioner... for what price tag?? You guessed it: FREE.

Feel free to download a free manual and/or sign up for a free newsletter at eftuniverse.com.
There's also a wealth of information and tap-along audios at tappingqanda.com and a huge number of excellent free 'tap long' videos by Brad Yates on Youtube here: EFTWizard videos
Thank you to reader Katie for mentioning that one can use the Touch And Breathe (TAB for short) method if tapping hurts. Here's a link to directions for it: Touch And Breathe Method

Okay, so back to the "Why?"

Why EFT?

Although there are many attractive qualities to EFT, a few stuck out for me as someone with MCS:
  • I can do it myself (no need to involve a scented practitioner or their toxic office)
  • I can do it for free (very important when unemployed!)
  • It's non-toxic - providing a way to lessen emotional or physical suffering without synthetic drugs (eg. chemicals)
  • If I decide I want to work with a practitioner, many of them offer EFT over the phone or internet chat (still avoiding exposures inherent in an office visit). Some work by email.

For hardcore skeptics, I say this: I don't fully understand why EFT actually works, I simply know that for myself and many others, it has worked for many things. That is enough for me. I have decided that as long as a method doesn't harm me and appears to work, then I don't really care how. I put my energy to other things :-)

EFT can have a learning curve for some people. Not everyone has success/results right away but some people do have immediate relief - especially for emotional pain.
If it does not work at first, it can be due to incorrect tapping points, wording that doesn't work well for you or, possibly, due to being underhydrated. Drinking water is very important.

*A word of caution*
If you are trying EFT for the first time, please go gently. Don't pick one of your more painful issues to start out with. Save those for when you have a lot of EFT work under your belt (or work on them with an EFT practitioner).
EFT can bring up some strong emotions if we tap on deep stuff so, until one is more practiced, I'd suggest starting very small.
If, at any time, I feel intense emotions, I keep tapping and breathing - even if I'm crying and can't speak. The emotions usually pass while I am doing that.


  1. What an inspirational blog. Thank you for sharing your journey so that others may benefit from your experience. This is a great page to help people start using EFT.

  2. I noticed that eft helped me a lot while being exposed and after ; I also worked on past traumas, and found that trying to search in my past all things related to fear,anger,frustation and other feelings gave a good relief to my immune system ; still, mcs is making my life very difficult ; lately, forgot about eft, thanks for all the reminders in your beautiful & encouraging blog.

  3. hi Christina,

    thank you for commenting - I'm sorry it took me so long to approve it! I was away :)
    I, too, have found that clearing past traumas and emotional 'stuff' has really helped me physically.

    I'm so glad that my blog is encouraging - thank you for your kind words :-)
    I am wishing all the best for you and I hope that MCS improves for you and life becomes easier.

    take care,

  4. In Case Tapping Hurts - or makes one's muscles sore, I want to point out that just touching the points while taking a breathe (sometimes called TAB - touch & breathe) can work for EFT also!

    Lately I've even had results by just touching the karate chop side of my hand with the fingertips of the other hand, saying the setup phrase & holding it for a minute or two.

    EFT is also a very important tool in my toolbox.
    Thx for being an inspiration :-)

  5. thanks Katie!
    I have edited this post to include a link to TAB directions :-)


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