January 17, 2009

Dealing With Differences of Opinion

Most people who don’t have MCS have a pretty strong difference of opinion with me on how toxic every day scented, chemical-laden products really are. We usually disagree about the safety scented products, particle board furniture, laminate or carpet as flooring choices, vinyl used in baby cribs/training pants, whether or not to use pesticides on lawns, gardens and pets and oh so many more topics.
I used to engage in conversations about these topics with people. I felt it was important for me to share my knowledge with them, to enlighten them about the toxins they were unwittingly exposing themselves, their children and their pets to. Occasionally I met someone interested in learning but more often I met strong resistance.

In time I stopped sharing about these topics unless they expressed interest. I just found it too draining. It felt like fighting an uphill battle and I decided it was standing in the way of my healing in a number of ways – most strongly because it exhausted me – taking energy that was much needed for healing!

However, even though I rarely get into those discussions now, I still frequently end up having imaginary conversations with people. I may see an advertisement about a product I think of as toxic and think of how many well-intentioned people use it who are in the dark about how toxic it may be. I find myself mentally rehearsing what I might say if I wanted to share with them about this.

Even these mental discussions (often arguments) are draining my energy.

So I was very excited to find this tap-along video that addresses the topic of differences of opinion. I feel it addresses some of the core feelings about differences of opinion that may be interfering with personal peace. Therefore it may help across the board – not just for a specific difference of opinion.

When I tap with pre-made videos, I try to listen to my intuition. Sometimes I feel an urge to use different words or to add in extra words. I try to listen to my inner wisdom about this. Sometimes I’ll be able to fit the words in while watching and sometimes I’ll pause the video to give myself time to pay attention to that inner voice, that inner knowing, feeling.

*I want to acknowledge that some people get inspired and energised through activism. I have a great appreciation for the time and energy they put towards raising awareness. If any of you are reading this, thank you! I am grateful for all that you do for those of us who cannot.*

If you are someone who enjoys activism, I feel this video could be very beneficial for you too. I believe that when we are more at peace about differences of opinion, we can communicate more clearly. Confidence and calm may be able to replace frustration and urgency – making us much more effective communicators. People are more likely to take our words seriously when we are coming from a calm place – unruffled by their differences of opinion

Happy tapping!

As an introduction, you may want to read my post Why EFT (and what is it anyhow?) .

Brad Yates is an experienced EFT practitioner who is known for his light-hearted, sometimes humorous style. Thank you Brad for permission to embed this video!! :-)

You can see more of Brad's free Youtube videos here.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for allowing comments again. I am new to your blog, being attracted immediately by your positive attitude...it is a breath of fresh air for me to read your comments to the affect that we do not have to see MCS as a life long, horrible condition...that there is hope and ways to approach it besides just taking mountains of supplements, avoiding chemicals, getting with a natural doctor even though one can not afford food, much less environmental medical help! There is so much more we can do....in my case, I'm well enough to take photos, and after my husband (my support and champion) died 4 years ago, using that camera literally saved my life!!
    It was something outside of the MCS, something that brought me face to face with the knowledge that I had some talent with it, and that other folks liked my stuff, too.
    That was huge for me!!! I've tried to build on that over these past few years...although I would like to be working at least part time doing my regular thing which is Social Work. Anyway, I wanted you to know that this video clip of Brad doing EFT in the style which he does it, has opened my eyes to using it again. I tried it years ago and soon gave up on it, but recently I read that people can have some success with EFT for MCS symptoms, and a change of attitude about it. That got my attention very quickly!!!
    Thank you so much for writing your blog, including everything that you have so far, and giving people like myself enormous hope.
    God bless you!

  2. Hi Ruth,

    Thank you for your inspiring comment(I'm glad to have them up again too!!!).

    Part of my healing journey has actually been mountains of supplements and strict avoidance LOL! But those were only one part. Enviro MDs and naturopaths didn't help me much though I know some have been helped a lot by them.


    I'm so sorry for the loss of your husband and so glad that you found photography! I relate to you saying it saved your life.
    I think that an important part of healing is finding things that feed our soul or nourish us in deep ways and building on them - doing them whenever we are able to.
    If you have any of your photography available to look at online, I'd love a link if you'd like to share.

    I, too, gave up on EFT a number of years ago and am glad that I began exploring at again. As it gets more popular, practitioners are exploring their own styles - different delivery will get different results!
    There are even classes for practitioners that focus entirely on the art of delivery. I really like Brad's casual style as well.
    I've experienced both good and bad practitioners in my own life and for anyone considering spending the money on a telephone or in person EFT session, I encourage you to choose a few practitioners who offer a free mini session first so you can see if their style 'clicks' with you.

    I have read of EFT helping MCS symptoms as well and have had it help some of mine. Before I could get results, I found I had to do a lot of tapping on my beliefs about whether or not EFT could help (and whether or not ANYthing could help).

    I'm so glad that you like this blog Ruth!
    It really helps me to know that there are readers who appreciate the positive approach and the power of hope!

    Thank you so much for your support.
    Blessings to you too :-)

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Liberty,

    I sat to browse the sphere, and found this for Valentine's Day. What a perfect gift. Thank you so much.

    The 'they don't get it' phrase is such a spot-on string of words to re-direct in my life and I love the timing for it ... now is the right time to let those programming messages dilute. I am finding my new self, as goofy and imperfect as she is, I am magnificent and ready to be at peace more often.

    Suffering is contagious. Activism has been one of the ways I've gotten through suffering. There's a shift taking place in me and this EFT example is a timely reminder to feel differently about suffering and activism. Can I be a model of what I believe is right without warring? There's my opportunity.

    Thanks again. Mokihana

  4. Happy Love Day Mokihana!

    I'm glad you found this and it was a good thing :-)

    I really like the idea of, as you said, being a model for what we believe without warring. That was a wonderful way to put that! I find that being 'against' things drains me and clashes with being well.
    And I SO agree that suffering can be contagious!!!

    My hope and belief is that joy, love and wellness can be contagious too. If so, then blogs like yours, mine and others will hopefully 'infect' more and more people! ☺

    many blessings to you
    (who has always enjoyed magnificently goofy people ;-)

  5. Hi Liberty,

    Mokihana here, again. I was so excited to be able to read this and try to pick up the tap with Brad Yates. Either I had forgotten that I 'knew' this already or just needed the refresher I am appreciating this approach to being right, once more. Maybe more than ever I am aware of my choice to choose an attitude.

    Thanks again. Mokihana

  6. hi Mokihana,

    I find this one very good for me too.
    If you subscribe to Brad's Youtube channel, I think you may get notifications when he adds new videos.

    He added a few recently.

    here's a link (which you may need to cut and paste into the address bar)

    take care,


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