December 22, 2009

Celebrating MCS Improvements Part 5: Healing Faster and Faster!

My improvements are happening very fast now.

Every week I seem to have things I can tolerate (or am reacting less to) that I could not just one week before. It's so exciting!

I have now had a number of weeks in a row where I have gone in public with no mask for hours at a time each week - often twice a week - and each time my reactions are less and less!

Last week I went for a medical appointment/exam in a regular clinic that took over 90 minutes total (including wait time) with no mask, then shopping for over 2-3 hours afterwards.
I did take a blanket for over the exam table and asked for a disposable paper robe instead of laundered one.  I was bothered most by the flourescent lights - far more than by chemicals.
My reactions while out were mild and I recovered as fast as it took me to shower after getting home.

I recently went ot Walmart without a mask (something I thought would never happen).
It was not a pleasant experience but far better than it would have been in the past.  I have been to Zellers (for non-Canadians that is like a small version of Walmart - not quite as stinky but still awful) many times maskless now and am fine.  Haven't yet done harware stores.

Yesterday I was in various grocery stores for 2 hours, then in a MALL, amidst the holiday shopping craziness, for about an hour and a half, all with no mask.
I came home, showered, ate and was well enough to go out to a cafe that was having free tarot readings!

With these outings I get slight sore throat and slight brain fog and sometiems some fatigue but it all passes so fast and is SO mild compared to how it used to be. I used to have more symptoms than those and far worse. A few years ago an outing maskless even a fraction of that length would have had me sick for weeks or more. And each time I did one would have taken longer to recover.

My favourite thing is being able to smile at people :-)


  1. Hi, Liberty...I noticed you are following my blog, Wild Canary! I hope my slow pace hasn't bored you too much. I just looked over some of your blog and am glad you are improving. I feel I am too though I have hit a plataeu and am looking to move forward yet again. I take rest periods:) I have a little goat named Liberty. I want to write stories about her, she is so inspirational. Your mission statement up top could have been mine in 1994...I still look for the stories and inspirations, but am just now able to start writing learning the language all over again...but it is coming. Full sentences and paragraphs your energy...the dogs need to go out in the snow for awhile. Good day!

  2. Hi Wild Canary,
    I don't mind the slow pace of your blog at all. I find writing a challenge and sometimes go a long time without posting here.
    I love the country life and the photos you share.
    I look forward to reading stories of Liberty the goat one day!
    I'm glad you have improved and I will envision you moving forward from the plateau soon!
    Happy snow playing :-)

  3. Liberty I so loved this blog hopeful and upbeat! Yours (in my opinion) is the type of blog that would do a lot of folks with MCS a lotta good! You and I will be starting our Gupta Retraining programs about the same eager to get started with it. I have often wondered if it will be helpful for decreasing tinnitus, and I mean to ask Ashok that question. My audiologist has told me that it is generated by the limbic I am very hopeful about this possibility.
    Enjoying the snow of southeastern Wisconsin right now...we got more this afternoon and it looks like a wonderland out there!
    My thoughts are with you for a good holiday season!

  4. I'm so happy to hear how you're doing. Walmart is a biggy! Congrats, Liberty. Your hard work and determination is paying off.

  5. Thank you Ruth and Shayla for celebrating with me!
    I hope more and more people improving from MCS will share their stories. I've spoken to so many who improve or are better but so few seem to write about it online. The community would benefit from that greatly I feel!

    Happy winter!

  6. Blessings for your journey of continuing improvements. It is miraculous how each of us measures success/healing/improvements with uniquely individual 'yardsticks' If we would simply accept the many, many yardsticks how easy life might be. I see them now, a yard full of sticks of all lengths, thicknesses, masked or not, bumpy and smooth.

    My successes are invisible to those who are looking for something akin to their own ideals. With word pictures and stories of what one person/man/woman/child experiences filling in that yard in an organic fashion and pace, we are less invisible and what healing can take place then!

    Thanks for your stories.

    Happy Holy Days,

  7. Great news Liberty. Well done and thankyou for your encouraging posts. Brenda.

  8. Thanks Brenda and Mokihana.

    Mokihana I would love to hear what your yardsticks are! I, too, see a yard of sticks :)

    I post here about the obvious, physical improvements but in fact the internal ones are what I value more (but find much harder to put into words).


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