Others Who Have Recovered Or Are Healing From MCS

It has been so encouraging and inspiring to see the numbers of people who are healing from MCS grow over the years.
It is my belief that for every story shared on the internet, there are many more who have not created blogs or websites.  So each of the people I list below stands, in my mind, for many more!

Some of these people have healed 100% and are living lives unhindered by reactions to chemicals!  Others are in the process of healing and many, though not all, of those have had dramatic improvements, able to handle exposures that previously would have been devastating... and, importantly, have not experienced backsliding or relapse after these exposures.

A number of the people on this list attribute their recovery to what is now often called Brain Retraining, an approach that I feel very positive about.  Please note that posting these links is not an endorsement of any of the approaches or products that these people mention on their websites.  With the exception of Brain Retraining, my experience has been that most of the approaches to healing MCS do not produce true healing or 'recovery' - by which I mean being able to function out in the world around normal levels of chemicals again.  Avoidance may be able to prevent worsening of MCS but has not, to my knowledge, produced what I would define as 'recovery'.  Conversely, some people actually become more and more sensitive the more they practice avoidance (this phenomenon is explained by the Brain Retraining model).

Some of these links go to wonderful interviews at Planet Thrive.

Annie Hopper 

Debra Lynn Dadd

Derval Dunford

Els Valkenburg 

Erik Schimek


"Lady Itchalot"
(there is a link to Part 2 at the bottom of the Part 1 article)


Linda Worthington

Raymond Francis
(author of Never Be Sick Again used to have his personal healing story online but I cannot find it now)

Thilde Jensen

Sweigh Emily Spilkin

Susi from The Canary Report


T-Can part 1
T-Can part 2

There are also many, many more people on the Gupta and DNR Support groups at Planet Thrive who are sharing wonderful improvements, often dramatic, on a regular basis but who have not created websites or blogs (yet).