December 15, 2008

Sensitivity To People's 'Energy', Tone etc

Many, though not all, people with MCS are also sensitive to things in addition to chemicals. Temperature, barometric pressure, sound, light, EMF etc.
I find I am also sensitive to energy from other people - both good and bad - and have found that I can react with unpleasant physical symptoms from it if it is hostile.

One of the things I have found very helpful in my healing journey has been to avoid exposures to what I think of as 'toxic' people and 'toxic energy'. By this I mean energy or people that feel toxic to me.

I feel this sensitivity can be a gift - especially for those who want to help others heal.
However, until I have learned more effective methods for shielding myself, I need to practice avoidance of 'toxic' energy in the same way I practice chemical avoidance.

The idea that some people heal from MCS is a controversial one it seems! I have received some very venomous, hostile communication in the short time since this blog has been up.

I am in the process of finding someone who can screen the comments for me and when that happens, they will be enabled again.

Thank you for your patience :-)

A friend is now moderating comments before they get to me so comments have been enabled once again.  Sorry for any delay in my replies :-)

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