December 13, 2008

One Woman's Description of Recovery From MCS

I felt very inspired and hopeful while reading Debra Lynn Dadd's description of her recovery and wanted to share it with you.
I encourage you to follow the link after this small quote and explore her website.
She has a free newsletter and a massive amount of valuable information available.
Please make sure to read her wise disclaimer posted on this same page. Emphasis on the final sentence is entirely mine.
Many thanks to Debra for permission to quote and link to her.

"Recovery" has several definitions. I'm referring to "restoration or return to health from sickness" (definition #3 in The American College Dictionary, 1956). I have not only regained the ability to have the life I choose, but my life today is even better than it was prior to the challenge of MCS. I am happy, productive, married, able to do anything that I choose to do, and tolerate all environments I need and want to be in. I can drive my car, shop, travel, eat in restaurants, go out with friends, and anything else that I want to do without having symptoms."


  1. Aloha Liberty,
    I'll just spend a wonderful hour reading this post, and re-visiting Debra Lynn Dodd's website. Two years ago I read Debra Lynn's site with guarded attention ... I was in the middle of the 'learning curve' that is MCS and was not sure what a lifesaver or a lifesinker was. So, to say I wasn't completely ready for her stories is TRUTH.

    The time is ripe for change, and though it's still winter I feel the fruit in me ripening. Wonderful how your courage to create and write this blog has tipped the balance into what is now my own continuing version of recovery from environmental illness. Attitude, Environment and Spiritual Foundation are master tools.

    Thanks for your version of recovery. I appreciate it, and you.


  2. Aloha Mokihana ☺

    I, too, had a period of time when I was uncomfortable reading Debra Lynn Dadd's story a few years ago.
    I was afraid to hope and it clashed with what so many in the MCS groups were saying is possible (or rather not possible).
    However, now that I've been experiencing my own continuing improvements, I view her story with new light and find it a wonderful inspiration.

    Thank you for recognising the courage it took to start this blog. I knew there would be resistance from some but it is so worth it for the people, like yourself, who are finding it to be a positive addition to their lives!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post such rich comments - they're like rich, fertile soil! No wonder you're ripening!!! I am really enjoying reading about your own healing journey on your blogs.

    I appreciate you too ♥
    many blessings,


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