October 15, 2011

Medical Testing Easier With Improved MCS

I'm in the process of having some medical testing for non-MCS related health issues and wanted to share my successes with you.

First of all I've been just fine staying in a house that has carpets and regular furniture (including old particle board).

I can now go to doctor's offices with no mask (one of them had cigarette smoke coming in a vent and air freshener next to it trying to hide it).
I can lie on exam tables without bringing my own blanket or mylar to put under me and can wear the 'robes' they provide for me!
When I went for an ultrasound, I was fine in the waiting room crowded with over 30 people, with hand sanitiser being used regularly.
I was able to get an ultrasound done without needing to ask the ingredients of the conducting gel used on my skin - and without fear that I'd react to it even if it had been scented!

And with all of these experiences (spread over 2 days), I was able to go out after the appointments and shop in regular stores - including dollar stores and Michaels which is a huge craft store that has large scented candle displays.

Although I'm not enjoying dealing with medical 'stuff', it sure is so much easier without having to worry about MCS.

Healing is possible and to all of my readers, I'd like to say that I wish for you even more healing than I've experienced so far!


  1. Congratulations Liberty! So happy for you. This is huge, to be able to access medical care again when you need it. Thank you for sharing your continued successes with us all. You are a huge inspiration! xx

  2. Hi Libby,
    Can't tell you how wonderful this all sounds...such a dream come true for you. I hope that the tests turn out well, and you have been comfortable all the way through it.
    I am so delighted to hear that Susie from Canary Report is doing Gupta...wow!!! What a major shift for her, and to think of the hundreds of people she will influence for the good...maybe even a thousand or more, since there are so many followers of C/Report. I signed up for the blog she is doing but have not received any news yet. Wishing her the best!
    Life is getting pretty exciting in the MCS community, isn't it? I have a friend who will be
    starting Annie Hopper's program soon, and has invited me to her home to view the DVDs with her. Am so curious how her program will compare with Gupta's.
    Thankyou so much for continuing to post your incredibly great progress!!!
    Big hugs and High Fives!!!

  3. Absolutely wonderful news Libby. It has been inspirational to follow your recovery over the past 2 - 3 years. Testimonials of quick recovery are great to hear but can seem inaccessible for many of us with MCS, whereas dogged determination and faith in reaching one's goal makes everything possible.
    Thanks ! Brenda

  4. Hej,
    that sounds so good! You made such a big steps! Even the medicial issue is a boring one! I was just thinking about you in the morning and wanted to mail you and now your blog entry came. I just wanted to let you know that I thought about you all the past days and I hope you are doing fine with everything! I am on my way to visit my parents too :) My flight goes tonight and I am going to stay a week there.I think everything is going to work out good ;)
    Kram Lobbe

  5. Oh what a wonderful treat to go on the computer this morning and see all of your comments, celebrating with me!
    Thank you all so much for taking the time and effort to comment :)

    Ruth, I am also delighted that Susie is trying the Gupta Program. And how exciting for you that your friend has invited you to watch Annie's DVDs!!

    Brenda, thank *you*! Your continued support and comments over these years have helped me to keep blogging - even if infrequently! I think fast recovery is wonderful and I know mine could have been much faster if I did the Gupta Program in a dedicated, daily way... and at the same time, I felt more comfortable with a slower but steady pace of healing. I'm not sure why but it has felt positive to me :-)

    Lobbe, thank you very much for keeping me in your thoughts. It is great to be at my mom's and be able to enjoy the visit without worries of things in her house bothering MCS! I'm very happy to hear that you are flying to visit your parents! I hope that your visit is wonderful!!

  6. Liberty and Ruth, thanks for the shout out!

    Liberty, it's great to hear about your progress. I owe you an apology for a poopy comment I made on your blog a long time ago. I'm sorry. Thank goodness for people like you who hold the light for all of us.

    I'm having tremendously good results on the Gupta program. I haven't had a single MCS symptom in two months. MCS researcher Martin Pall told me a couple of years ago that he believes brain retraining for MCS is probably correct but only partially b/c it doesn't address the non-brain derived peripheral symptoms of most people with MCS. I've repeated that opinion a lot on The Canary Report over the past couple of years. Then I decided to try Gupta's treatment for myself just to see what everyone was talking about. My own experience refutes Martin Pall's assessment: along with all the brain-derived symptoms, I've also had my main peripheral symptom of eye irritation completely disappear with Gupta's treatment!

    I'm not supposed to be lurking around MCS sites while on the treatment. I'm so busted. I really stopped by to apologize to you and was surprised to find the comments about me. Thanks.

  7. Hi Susie,

    Thank you for the apology. I was very upset at the time and have had someone else moderate my comments ever since so I really appreciate your awareness about it and you reaching out all these years later.

    I am so glad that you are having such great results with brain retraining. You are in an excellent position to help dispel the remaining 'MCS is incurable' mindset in the online community. I am sure that there will be many people who take the plunge into brain retraining and regain their lives because of you being willing to try it and share your progress. What a gift that will be!

    Wishing you well on your recovery journey.


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