September 12, 2011

Author Recovers From MCS Using Brain Retraining

Els Valkenburg is the author of the book Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and I am so happy to know of her healing from MCS!

You can read very helpful detailed questions and answers on Els' website here: MCS Recovery

It's very inspiring reading :-)

Els healed using the Gupta Amygdala Retraining Programme, a DVD program that many with MCS are using and reporting improvements from.

A big thank you to Julie from Planet Thrive for sharing this wonderful recovery story. You are a gift to our community Julie ☺


  1. Hej Libby :), I just read the news about Els page on her facebook page! So I right away went there to check it out! I loved it! So inspiring and motivating story! It is as positive as you with your wonderful blog! I feel like so energized by all this positivity around me lately! :)
    Kram from Sweden

  2. Energized - what a perfect word!
    I am loving it SO much that more and more people are healing from MCS and are sharing about their recovery in public. This is a joyful thing and I believe it will mean so much to those who have not yet healed.
    When we see others with MCS healing, it can help us begin to feel that we, too, can heal that much!
    I am so happy that Els is sharing about her recovery on facebook :)

  3. Libby,
    I have just ordered the Gupta Program, and would have come here had I known you are an 'affiliate.' I tried linking to that site, but it didn't work FYI. I'm looking forward to the program as I commit to the six months and gotta tell you, you have been instrumental in being an early example of believing in the worth of re-training. Mokihana

  4. hi Mokihana,

    thanks so much for letting me know about the broken link! I can't get it to work so I just put the non-affiliate link. That is so sweet of you that you would have bought through my link had you known about it :-) thank you!
    I am so, so excited that you are embarking on this wonderful brain retraining adventure. I believe that you will see results very quickly because of the 'BElieve' work you've already been doing. (Abraham stuff).
    I'm very happy that my example has had a positive effect on you.
    I realise I've been posting very little even though my improvements have been coming so fast.
    I must begin again because I know it can inspire others and help them to know that healing IS possible!


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