February 26, 2010

MCS Improvements Part 8: Walmart, mall, dollar store, library, Chapters, restaurant

I finally polished off this post and I'd like to share something very inspiring.
I recently went on a number of outings over 2 consecutive days that went SO well it was wonderful!

I was on a quest for unscented glue sticks (surprisingly hard to find) and got dropped off at Walmart (I don't drive).  This is the 3rd time in a few months that I've done Walmart without a mask. I had to bold that because that's a statement I thought I'd never see!
  1. The first time was a few months ago for about 45 minutes and although not terrible, was not good - really bad brain fog, then emotional breakdown later with unexplained sobbing and fatigue.
  2. The second time was a few months later - 15-20 minutes - and I had slight brain fog but was otherwise fine.
  3. The third time was last week and it went great.  I was in there for at least 45 minutes, in all different departments, sniffing glue sticks of all things, and the only symptom was mild brain fog and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  No fatigue or neuro reactions later.
Not only that but after Walmart, I walked through the mall and went to Dollarama (I big, chain dollar store - lots of VOCs).  I was in there for about 30 minutes and was fine!  A dollar store is another place I thought I'd never be able to go without a mask.

After that, I walked through the mall and went to the library for a while and then walked 20 minutes home.  By that time I was very tired because I'd been on my feet for over 2 hours and I am not in good shape due to little exercise.
But other than normal tiredness, I was totally fine MCS-reaction-wise.

I woke up the next day feeling fine - no chemical hangover - and ended up going out again!

 funky tree from walk!

I went for a nature walk, browsed in Chapters for at least an hour (large chain bookstore that carries scented candles and has a Starbucks in it - fumes) and had dinner at Swiss Chalet.  The restaurant was so busy that I ended up being there for about 2 hours in total what with waiting in line, waiting to order, waiting for food to come and eating.  I got a mild headache which left as soon as I ate - likely blood sugar-related.

So that's 2 days in a row of huge, hours-long, unmasked outings with few ill effects.
And I was fine the next day and the day after that etc.

Awesome :-)


  1. Congrats, Liberty! This is wonderful news.

  2. Liberty
    Great to hear of your progress. I am at about the same stage as you in my healing so it is very encouraging to read your reports. Are you going to speak about what you are doing to promote this healing...or can you tell what is doing it?

  3. hi Linda,

    It's great to hear you are in a similar place! I loved reading that :-)

    there are many factors that are contributing to my improvements & it's hard to know how much impact they each are having since I'm still doing all of them.
    A few things that seemed to jump start my moving forward were using EFT for resistance to change, believing I was able to heal fear of change etc. Also taking the herb Schizandra helped.
    What I think has been most helpful has been
    1. changing my attitude about MCS, the way I talk and think and act about it - this greatly effected my stress levels when around chemicals which I feel made my body more able to use it's resources to deal with the chemicals rather than the stress and 2. constitutional homeopathy
    3. energy medicine (tracing and strengthening meridians etc)

    That's sort of in a nutshell what's helped a lot (in addition to avoidance, safer house and supplements - which were keeping me from getting worse but not actually healing me).
    There are many little details and I could write a lot about this but haven't been able to find the right words yet.

    Do you feel comfortable sharing about what you feel has been promoting your healing?

    take care

  4. Good for you! The mall can be especially challenging. I always celebrate any mall outing that doesn't result in a headache. I hope your success continues!

  5. Congratulations on your improvements! Very WOW!

  6. thanks smellinc and healingei!


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