February 18, 2010

Manifesting A Happy Home

There's a really wonderful post by a Leslie (who has MCS) on her blog about how she drew a picture of her dream sustainable, safe-for-her house... and less than 6 months later found a home that is so close to her picture that it's almost eerie (but very cool)!
A very inspiring read!  You can see it here: Creating A Sustainable Dream Part 3.

It got me thinking about how much I yearn to live in the country, surrounded by nature, in a funky, MCS-safe house.  But I haven't done much to work towards manifesting it.
I want to make a list like Leslie did.
I've been taking part in a neat 'creative every day' challenge via my blog Divinity Withinity and the theme for February is 'Home'.  So without intending it as a manifestation exercise, I have already drawn a picture of my happy home and I wanted to share it with you here just because it's so light-hearted and fun:

(all drawn and coloured with art supplies intolerable to me a year ago)


  1. Libby, I want to mention a book I have here by Lucia Capacchione entitled "Visioning..Ten
    Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams."
    In it the author, and also another woman, made vision boards with photos of their dream homes (one was a ranch) and they both were able to buy them. Very inspiring book!
    I got it used on Amazon for really cheap.
    I went to Leslie's blog and read about the house, and am so excited for her...need to go back and post on it, too.
    Love what you're doing with your blogs!!

  2. Thank you Ruth! That book looks excellent and very inspiring.
    I love that this facet of reality is getting more accepted. I've spoken to so many people personally who have had things like that happen that I have 100% faith it can happen.

  3. p.s. I forgot to say that I have that authour's inner child book and have found her non-dominant hand journalling and drawing technique to be simply awesome for healing and getting to core issues.
    Excellent way to dig deeper for things to use EFT or TAT on.
    It can be emotionally unsettling and many people feel very weird doing it but it is a really wonderful opportunity to be the kind of parent we wish we had to our own inner child.
    I highly recommend it :-)

  4. Libby, you always make me smile!

  5. I'm glad Sandra!
    smiling is good for the soul :-)

  6. thank you Shayla!
    I think it's straw bale with yellow stuccoed walls :-D


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