February 17, 2012

MCS Success Photos

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at home after having been out at Walmart and also the grocery store (both with no mask) and I had one of those surreal moments that I have sometimes since being on a healing journey.
I suddenly looked around and was aware of all of the things I was sitting near that I couldn't have even been in the room with without reacting to before I began healing from MCS. Even after I had begun healing but was still early on, many of these things caused reactions and I had to avoid them. I am now so completely nonreactive to them that it feels normal to be around them and most of the time I forget they were ever an issue!

I took some photos that day and tried to identify all that I was now okay with.

Here are a few photos, followed by a list of what is shown - all of the items listed are signs of healing, signs of success! Keeping a tidy house is not one of my skills so please excuse the mess :-)
  • acrylic yarn bought that day at Walmart.
  • crochet hook bought that day at Walmart - it didn't occur to me to wash it.
  • toilet paper bought at grocery store in same aisle as laundry products (the store smell on the plastic would have been a big issue in past).
  • computer and printer in same room as me. I used to have them in another room with the cords for keyboard and monitor coming through wall into my room. They've been in the same room as me for many months now.
  • table with wood exposed (used to be entirely sealed in foil due to terpenes in wood. the glass top on it now is just to protect it from cat claws - not for MCS reasons).
  • package of canvas boards on table is from Michaels craft store, a very stinky place.
  • you can just barely see the books on the tables - 1 new and 1 from library (inks, other people's scents etc).
  • exercise ball
  • what is not shown is my body and hair. I no longer need to shower or wash my hair after being out - even after hours of browsing Walmart! I simply wash my hands and change my clothing.
  • the pants I'm wearing were ones I was able to wear after just one wash with my safe soap. no detox necassary.

Also, though you can't see it in the above photo, I was sitting a few feet from a pair of brand new boots. New leather, new rubber, new everything. They didn't bother me at all - either to be near or to wear (though sadly I did return them because the left one was too tight for some reason :)
In the left lower corner of the below photo you can see the fabric of the chair I'm sitting on. I left that in to show how nearby the boots are. I shopped for boots at almost every store I could think of, trying to find the right pair. I didn't wear a mask in any of the stores. The new shoe smell was very strong but it didn't bother me.


  1. Big Huge Delighted Smiles on my face ! Yay, yay & double-duty Yay. :-)))))))

    Can't help but be a bit silly - sorry :-)))))

    You Rock ! :-)))) And your recovery rocks, as does your sharing it & shouting it out ! Your recovery is a fountain of hope you shower forth for others. And ya know what I love - that you can shop til ya (don't) drop. even in smelly stores (Michaels is a darned good example!) & not have to shower or wash your hair. Your life is changing in leaps & bounds for sure. Thanks for telling all your wonderful success stories! :-))))))))))))) I love knowing that there are people like us who can heal. Was at a town council meeting the other night & could smell a strong perfume & was even scared any more! I didn't like it, but that was all. And I was fine! These victories are to be shared & talked of, so that others know we can get better. Yay. Thanks for the photos & imagine - having All that stuff around all at one time. :-))))))))))) Thx for the pix & for telling about it. xo Katie

  2. I am soooooo happy for you!!!
    I am also recovering from it, using all the tools available in order to have an integral approach!!!
    Good,good, good...
    Keep posting,
    With love,

  3. thank you so much for your joyful comments Amaya-Marta and Katie!

    congratulations Katie on attending that town hall meeting without fear!!

    Amaya-Marta I am so happy to know that you, also, are recovering. And than you for sharing your blog!


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