February 1, 2012

Others Who Have Recovered Or Are Healing From MCS

Hello! I haven't posted in a very long time and I want to let you all know that MCS is still improving. I ride the bus regularly, go in any store I want, walk through the perfume or scented candle sections of big department stores, eat at restaurants (with some limitations due to food sensitivities still), attend appointments and socialise all without a mask!
I can also use 99% of public washrooms without a mask.

There are now so many others who are also healing or fully recovered that I've felt less pressure to post here since the internet is now rich with inspiring stories of hope and healing from MCS.

I invite you to check out a new page I've put up on my blog with a list of some of those who are healing along with some links to their success stories.
It has been so encouraging and inspiring to see the numbers of people who are healing from MCS grow over the years.
It is my belief that for every story shared on the internet, there are many more who have not created blogs or websites. So each of the people I list below stands, in my mind, for many more!

Some of these people have healed 100% and are living lives unhindered by reactions to chemicals! Others are in the process of healing and have had dramatic improvements, able to handle exposures that previously would have been devastating... and, importantly, have not experienced backsliding or relapse after these exposures.

Click here to read more:
Other stories of healing and recovery from MCS


  1. Libby,
    It is a great pleasure to read about your wonderful progress. Thank you for the link to recovery stories. The special quality of your blog is that it demonstrates a "frame of mind" for healing and courage in persisting and it has been a privilege to follow your journey. I hope this year brings opportunities to enjoy the freedoms you have achieved and so deserve.

  2. Dear Brenda,
    I have been privileged to have you following my journey! Your comments have brought me a feeling of connectedness so many times. It means to much to me to know that you are reading and enjoying this blog. Thank you for your kind words and your wonderful wishes for the year ahead!
    May the year ahead bring you healing, happiness and whatever else you most wish for.
    in gratitude,

  3. Dear Libby,
    I am so pleased to see that your site remains after your recovery as it is a wonderful resource for those seeking recovery. I recommend it to others and have taken the precaution of printing off a copy of all your posts to share on a one to one level (not for publication!) with any one I meet in future who might be encouraged by your posts. I wonder if you might have considered writing your story for publication as once people recover their story eventually is lost when it comes off line.
    Happily I am now back in normal life (80-90%recovered) after brain retraining. I feel a bit like Dorothy who went through the trials and tribulations of Oz only to discover that all she had to do was realize that there was no place like home - anyway I am home now and thank you for your company and help on the journey. Go Well!

    1. dear Brenda, I hadn't even realized that I had some unpublished comments awaiting approval. I apologize for the terribly long delay. Thank you for telling me that you print pages out for people. What a wonderful thing to do! I feel touched and honored.
      I'm really excited to read that you are 80 to 90 percent recovered. What a dramatic improvement. That's really wonderful and I bet your life has expanded so much as a result. Thank you for joining the growing list of inspiring success stories.

  4. Dear Libby,
    I have only just seen your reply. I have continued to improve ( more than 95 percent ) and have very little problem with chemicals now so am certainly back fully in normal life, and this was in spite of probably the most emotionally and physically demanding 14 months of our life which happily came to a degree of resolution in January this year.
    I hope that Life has been kind and that you are continuing with making art and poetry.
    Warm wishes, Brenda

  5. Wow Brenda! That's wonderful! Congratulations on still healing even more while such stress was going on!
    It's so wonderful being back in life. I'm so glad to read that you are also!(as you can tell by my abundant use of exclamation marks. ;-)


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