November 12, 2010

Why Is A Simple Sweater Cause For Celebration?

A simple sweater is the most recent physical proof of just how much I have healed from MCS over the last few years.
The sweater is 100% acrylic 'wool' and is dyed black.

The reason it is so exciting is because (insert drum roll) I washed it once before being able to wear it.
With just a bit of my safe-for-me detergent.
Did I mention once? :-)
A few years ago it would have been questionable whether I could detox it at all because it is very thick and dyed black - both of which can be hard to detox.
Furthermore, it was sold in a grocery store and in the past it would have taken many washes just to remove the smells from the store (laundry aisle, air freshener etc) let alone the excess dyes, finishing chemicals etc.

If I had been able to detox it enough to be safe for me in the past, it would have taken at least 16-20 washes, many of which would be using various things that people with MCS use to remove scents, chemicals, dyes etc from clothing.  Things like vinegar, baking soda, TSP, borax, milk and more.

So being able to wash this thick, black, synthetic sweater sold in a grocery store only one time with just a bit of mild detergent and be 100% okay with it - no reactions at all - is a victory to me and a wonderful sign of how much I am healing!

It's very exciting :-)
And also warm and comfy!


  1. Yipee, girl! That's awesome. Things are going better over here too. Hubby washes our clothes at a laundromat (dries them here) and 90% of the time everything is wearable. Incredible, huh?

  2. Thanks so much for celebrating with me Shayla!
    I am SO glad you shared your laundry success here too! Incredible, wonderful, AWESOME! I am so glad that is happening for you! I've got a huge grin on my face. :-)

  3. It is great to hear of your excellent progress Libby. A single wash is complete normality and it must be so nice to wear a new garment that LOOKS new rather than one that looks like it has been through 20 washes!

  4. Thank you Brenda! You are so right - it's normal! And it's wonderful to buy something without having to think, "Now... will this even survive the detox process?"
    I wish this for everyone with MCS!

  5. That's some crazy good news! Congratulations! I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be nearly normal again. It is interesting to see this unfolding for you. :)

    Big happy hugs, Lisa :)

  6. Big hugs back your way Lisa! Thanks for the congratulations. I hope this happens for you too. I truly never thought it would for me so many things are possible!


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