November 16, 2009

Constitutional Homeopathy Update

For the past 10.5 months I've been trying constitutional homeopathy for MCS and overall health.

So far there are some really dramatic results - for the good.
There have been some old symptoms brought up and as I keep taking the remedy, I move through them and feel that my body is finally healing those issues - instead of just shoving them under the carpet and adding more symptoms as happened most of my life!

Constitutional homeopathy is highly specific and it is my belief that results depend on having a homeopath who is skilled and conscientious.
What I like best about this approach is that, "Constitutional prescribing is also aimed at eventual cure of the patient, not just suppression or relief of immediate symptoms."

I was lucky enough to get in as a client of a 4th year homeopathy student at a very low price and have stayed on with her since she has graduated.

There have been some great physical improvements (improved MCS all round is the best one) and a number of very profound emotional and spiritual differences.
My very mind set about some things has changed in ways I would have thought impossible.

One thing that has had a profound impact on me has been a shift in what time I feel like getting up in the morning.   It used to feel torturous to get up any time before 9am (often any time before 10am).  Now I wake up every day at around 5am, naturally, open the curtains so my body can sense that natural shift of light when dawn hits and go back to sleep until about 7am.  And wake up, almost always before my alarm, feeling pretty alert and rested.  At 7am!
7:00 a.m.
normal to many people, totally strange for me!

I used to never feel rested no matter how much I slept.  I'd be dragging myself out of bed out of guilt or knowing how much worse insomnia would be the next night if I slept in further.

I used to need at least 9 hours of sleep to feel halfway human and now I can get anywhere between 7 and 8.5 hours and feel fine - often good!

I am going to have an appointment with the homeopath to try and figure out a remedy to take acutely when migraines happen.

I've got my fingers crossed!


  1. Liberty,
    This is good news. I appreciate the approaches you take to care lovingly for your self. Homeopathy was one of the first systems of healing I used back before MCS was a diagnosis applied to me. I've not heard of "Constitutional Homeopathy" and yet it 'sounds a lot like' caring for a garden rather than a machine. Something Chinese and Hawaiian healers have done for eons. Caring for our selves as gardens ... a very good way of looking at us as PART of the natural order of things. You think?

    Today I feel the compost breaking down in my old self-garden. Needing to be fed, I try to just rest and let nature take its course. I'm enjoying this post.


  2. hi Mokihana,

    I love the garden metaphor (I'd live in my garden if I could!).
    We are a complex ecosystem, each of us, and approaches that take the whole into account are so valuable.

    May your rest be exactly what you need

  3. This is so exciting!
    I, too, have been getting better, very quickly by using A.R.T. which is similar to your "shifting focus"...I can go longer periods into places and near people then i could even imagine just two months ago ...i have a question though and a fear..
    1. I can still smell everything strongly, yet I'm not reacting...though i think it may be getting a little less each time...right now hard to tell so it's a constant focus shift in those situations, needless to say a conversation is a little hard:) Has this happened to you? and, if so, were you able to not smell stuff at some point? I cannot quite tell from the posts so far.
    2. I worry that this is just temporary and I'm afraid my mcs will return ...I keep putting in a positive thought for that - have used EFT also but it still creeps in, any advice?
    Many thanks and may our journey bring us complete wholeness.

  4. hi Anonymous,

    I'm so glad to hear that you, too, are improving!
    that is wonderful news.

    I realise that I have never said on my blog that yes, I can still smell things in that special MCS way - things normal people can't smell at all.
    I do find that the hyperacute sense of smell is getting slightly less the more I heal. I think that is because that hyperacuteness is actually a symptom of MCS itself and so it gets better as the MCS does.

    Unless the smell is extreme (eg solvents, burning incense, cigarette smoke right next to me) I am generally not very distracted by it.
    *however* I was at first.
    I think the reason I am not distracted by it now is because I have so many exposures under my belt where I have been alright even though there were strong smells.
    So I think my subconscious (and amygdala too) is finally getting the message that smell does not equal the degree of danger it used to.

    What I had to do at first was say to myself over and over "I've been around smells like this and been fine."

    As to your second question, I think it would be great to join the ART forum and post it there. I think that fear is exactly the kind of thing that the ART is great for.

    If the stopstopstop etc doesn't work for that fear, maybe you could think of a health condition you had in the past that you have healed from and never had a recurrence of. Then you could assure yourself that your body IS capable of maintaining healing once it has happened. That's what I would do for myself in addition to the EFT. Actually it would be great to incorporate that into an EFT session.

    It took me a long time to really believe that I was actually healing from MCS. And after that, it took me a while to believe I would not 'relapse'. What helped me believe those things actually was this blog - keeping track of improvements over time. Because it's very easy to get used to a 'new normal'. If I didn't have this blog, I'd have probably already forgotten that I used to have to wear a mask to use a blender or toaster! and that I'd have to stay out of that room for a long time afterward.

    Hopefully something in this reply is helpful for you :-)

    what wonderful words you ended with and I share them with you "may our journey bring us complete wholeness"

    p.s. here is the link to the Gupta ART forum

  5. Hi, I'm new to your site and would like to know if you feel that constitutional homeopathy was a key component in your healing from MCS. Is it a good place to start? I'm trying to sift through the various options and hope to settle on something that is effective, thorough, and produces results soon (though I realize homeopathy is a process and won't fix things overnight - but I mean I'd like to see tangible progress sooner rather than later so I'll have confidence I'm heading in a good direction). I've wanted to do constitutional homeopathy anyway, and now that I'm looking into ways to overcome my sensitivities, I'm wondering if this is an effective treatment option. Annie Hopper's program also seems interesting. But in terms of thoroughness, I suspect that homeopathy is more comprehensive and deals with more symptoms/systems in the body/mind/emotions, whereas I am guessing that the brain retraining approach doesn't really touch other challenges one might be having - such as digestion, hormones, detoxification, etc... the brain retraining is for a much more focused area of dysfuction, right? Your thoughts about this? Have you continued to be well? Have you done other things like nutritional support, for instance, or only the homeopathy and mind-body techniques listed in the right-hand column of the page?

  6. Hi there,
    I'm so very sorry for the delay in approving your comment! I just noticed that I have many waiting to be approvedd for a few years! That's what comes of being very engaged in life and not thinking much about MCS anymore. :-o

    To answer your questions. Homeopathy was only a very small part of my healing toolkit but we are all different. If you have the funds to pursue it, I'd definitely consider it!
    It's important to feel respected by whoever you choose. Good rapport, trust and feeling safe and believed are important.

    I personally believe, based on the countless results I've heard of in others, that brain retaining can lead to comprehensive healing for possible most people who are able to do it.
    The approaches that had the greatest impact for me look, in hindsight, very much like many approaches involved in reprogramming the limbic system. The number of people who've had their entire lives given back to them with that approach is incredibly inspiring and wonderful.
    The limbic system ends up effecting so many other systems.
    I won't get into the science of it here but there is much info about it to be found. :-)

    Early on in the MCS journey, I tried various nutritional, supplementary, detoxification etc approaches but was not healing at all but they may help some people if they have quite notable levels deficiencies or excesses.

    I have continued to heal. I'm now at a point that I would have once sworn impossible. I have an almost normal life compared to being house bound and horribly ill, disabled.
    I now ride public transportation anywhere I want, visit almost any public place (not a nail salon though), have many friends who use normal products, attend any event I want, etc. I do still use products that i consider safe for me because I feel that I learned a lot from MCS about what is wiser to use. But it's not out of fear.

    If you do happen to read this comment, all this time later, if love to hear how you're doing and celebrate with you about steps forward on the healing path - even incremental. :-)


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