May 14, 2010

Lilacs Smell Good Again!

The lilacs are in bloom in southern Ontario - an event that used to keep me inside at this time of year.  They used to smell very strong to me and I would get bad headaches and brain fog if I was exposed for more than a few seconds.  With MCS, one can react to VOCs from any source - even naturally occurring ones in plants and flowers.

Now lilacs smell wonderful to me!  I was out gardening for a few hours today and the wind was blowing a neighbour's lilac blossom scent my way.  I loved every minute of it and had no negative reactions  :-)
It is such a joy for me to be able to enjoy these natural smells again.
I've also been enjoying it when fresh cut grass smell wafts my way - something that a few years ago I would have thought impossible due to the high terpene level in grass.

I'm not yet at the point where I'd bring strong flowers like lilacs, hyacinths or lily-of-the-valley inside though I do bring some more mildly scented flowers in.

What flowers do you love?

Do you react to natural sources of VOCs?


  1. Yipee! That's great news, Libby.

    I love bulbs and roses the best, but am crazy about most flowers.

  2. Thanks Shayla!
    Roses are so wonderful - another one I can now smell and enjoy instead of getting sick!
    I, too, love most flowers :-)

  3. What a lovely, joyful gift for you to have received. I am so happy for you Liberty.

    I find some flower scents too strong to have inside - some of the large lilys (sp?) I know there are others also, but I can't remember them right now! LOL Oh yes - geranium leaves is one.

  4. thank you Katie!
    it is really wonderful.
    I know what you mean about certain lilies. i couldn't handle easter lilies or hyacinth inside even when i had no degree of mcs at all. they are sickeningly strong to me.


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