May 16, 2010

May is MCS Awareness Month... check out the Canary Caravan Carnival hosted on Vardo For Two!

In honour of May being MCS Awareness Month, Mokihana from Vardo For Two is hosting a  Canary Caravan Carnival!
She has come up with a number of creative categories and welcomed submissions that include poetry, a visualisation, prose, photography and art.

There is a wonderful diversity of entries listed below in order of appearance.  You can click on the titles to be taken directly to that entry on Vardo For Two.

The Impact of MCS on Self-Esteem
Article by Recovering EI/MCS Psychotherapist Kay McCarty

Finding your Path
A Visualisation by MCS Ally Joan Tucker

Reflections and Feelings About Life With MCS
Poetry by Katrina Kluzik

Prose by the Founder of The Canary Report
Poetry by 'Anita Freshair' (aka Daisy O)
A True Story by MCS Ally and Astrologer cj wright
Article by Mokihana using this tool to gain insight into her journey with MCS

Photography by Julie Genser, Founder of Planet Thrive

Art and article by Liberty

Making An MCS Documentary... A Canary's Angle On The Issue
Article by MCS Filmmaker Kimberly Shaw


  1. I didn't know may was MCS awareness month. Thank you for the resources.

  2. you're welcome Shayla :-)
    I found the visualisation in particular really interesting.


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