Posts That Focus Entirely On MCS Improvements

Although many of my posts include mention of my improvements and healing from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), here is a list of posts, beginning in January 2009 and carrying on in chronological order to the present, that focus entirely on MCS improvements:

  • Celebrating MCS Improvements Part 1   I share about how I can tell that I am healing and catalog things I have lessening reactions to including books, appliances (like toaster, vacuum, blender), some flowers and neighbourhood exposures such as dryer exhaust, woodsmoke and cigarette smoke.
  • Celebrating MCS Improvements Part 3  I share about lessening reactions to garden and leaf mold, fragrant flowers, fresh cut grass and continued decrease n sensitivity to perfume, laundry products, car exhaust, BBQs and much more.
  • MCS Improvements Part 4: Going Maskless  I share about tuning into my intuition and knowing when I can go certain places without the protection of a charcoal mask.  I talk about the emotions of going maskless and some of the places I can go (grocery store, library, mall).
  • MCS Improvements Part 6: Tracking Over 3 Months (3 dentist appts)   I share about tracking recovery over a short period of time based on 3 of the same kind of exposures (trip to dentist office).  Includes exposures of newer vehicle, traffic exhaust, air freshener, parking garage, restaurant with scented waiter and more.
  • MCS Improvements Part 7: Art Supplies!   A short post where I share my excitement at being able to tolerate an ever increasing range of art supplies including various kinds of pens, markers and papers.
  • MCS Improvements Part 8: Walmart, dollar store and more!  I share about being able to go to Walmart with no mask and have manageable, mild reactions and be well enough to then go through the mall to the dollar store, then on to the library, walk home and be well enough to also go out the next day for a walk, some shopping at a big chain bookstore and out for supper at a very busy restaurant.
  • MCS Improvements Part 10: 3 Days of Outings  I share about my recovery time being so short that I can now go out many days in a row.  Includes 3 days in a row of exposures such as 4 hours waiting in a tax clinic, grocery store, restaurant, cafe, bookstore and... to my amazement, taking a city bus.
  •  Lilacs Smell Good Again  self explanatory title :-)  I share excitement at being able to be outside with strong lilac smell in neighbourhood... and enjoy it.   
  • Why Is A Simple Sweater Cause For Celebration?  I share my excitement at being able to wash a regular sweater only once with nothing special and be able to wear it with no reactions! (In the past it would take 16-20 special detox washes) 
  •  The Joy of Peeling an Orange  I am so excited to be able to peel an orange with no reaction!  I share how extremely I had to avoid orange peel earlier in MCS and how free I am now that I am healing.
  • Woodsmoke Success Story   Though my reactions to smoke have been improving for the last few years, I had never tested if I could handle intense, prolonged smoke exposure.  Read about the positive results in this post.
  • Medical Appointments So Much Easier Now  With the degree that MCS has improved for me, I've been able to go to medical appointments and tests without having to worry about reactions!  In this post I share a list of things I've done and been fine with.
          • Cutting The Grass  I share a link to a short video of myself cutting my lawn (with no mask) and talk about the progression, over the last few years, from being very badly sensitive to actually enjoying the smell of fresh-cut grass (which is naturally high in terpenes - a VOC that many with MCS react to).
          • MCS Healing Success Photos  In this post I share a photo of a room in my house and list all of the things in it that now cause no reaction (that I used to be unable to be in the room with).

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