January 20, 2010

MCS Improvements Part 6: Tracking Over 3 Months (3 dentist appts)

I had a neat opportunity to track improvements recently.

In 3 months, I went to the dentist 3 times - with each visit almost exactly one month apart.

The dentist is a number of hours away and each trip in total took over 8 hours at the shortest.

on the last 2 visits, I also went out for lunch at the same restaurant after the dentist.

I found it much easier to assess the level and rate of improvement with those visits compared to somewhere I go once or twice a week around town.


same hours long drive there
in same newer, smelly vehicle
inhaling the same exhaust fumes
walking through the same parking garage,
air freshenered elevator,
cleaning producted bathroom,
chemical-filled dentist office,
scented serving person, carpeted restaurant
eating the same delicious but non-organic food
same hours long drive home

in same newer, smelly vehicle
inhaling the same exhaust fumes


with each trip my reactions were WAY less than the one before, my recovery time was faster (with trip 3 recovery time being none at all really because I pretty much didn't react all day!)

I should put that in it's own sentence.

I am improving fast enough that although Trip 1 felt like hell and Trip 2 still felt like an ordeal (though not a hellish one), Trip 3 produced pretty much NO negative reactions and therefore didn't require any recovery time.

 I was slightly tired a bit after eating which happens to me anyway when I digest a large meal.  I still disliked the various things I smelled but did not physically or cognitively react to them.
I also hade slightly sore shoulders which came up about 2 hours after getting home.
After finally washing perfume and etc fumes out of my hair that went away.

If someone had told me 3 years ago that this would ever be possible for me, I would not have believed them.

In Other Improvement News:

In other news, going out to stores, malls, etc with no mask is now the norm for me.  I carry a mask in case I need to use a washroom that is ridiculously air freshenered but rarely use it.
The reactions from those 'out in public' places are lessening steadily and recovery time is almost instant after getting home.
It used to be that recovery time couldn't even start until I had showered and changed into clean clothing but now it begins the second I am in cleaner air.


  1. Wow! Great news Liberty, I'm so happy for you. Thanks for sharing your progress and making the effort to track the improvements in a consistent manner like you did, comparing apples to apples. I love hearing your updates, each one gets better and better. Keep on keepin on girl!!

  2. Thanks so much Julie!
    I know how much it would have meant to me earlier in recovery to read stories like this and that keeps me motivated to post at least once in a while (even though I hate writing LOL).
    Today was really exciting and completely unexpected.
    I had been dreading the trip just as much as last time and expecting a bad day! So nice to be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Hi Liberty!
    What a refreshing post this has been! thanks so much for writing about progress we can all relate to...or hope to! You have been such an encourager to so many people and I hope that your progress just keeps growing day by day. :)
    Am in the third week of my Gupta program and loving it....I have not posted about it since I want to just keep focusing on it, rather than being on computer too much.
    Was thrilled to hear about the Mayo Clinic study!

  4. hi Ruth,
    thank you for your kind words!
    I'm glad you are loving the Gupta program! I'm finding it very interesting and one thing I am loving is how it provides a scientific explanation for why some of the things I've been doing have been helping me heal. before this, I had no explanation of why those things were working. I had been just doing them intuitively (and of course kept doing them once I saw how much faster I began healing).
    I'm looking forward to the results of the Mayo study and hope that eventually someone studies it's use for MCS and PTSD (I think it would be even better for those 2 than it is for FM and CFS but that's my personal opinion)
    hugs back!

  5. Hi Liberty,

    I'm so excited by your blog and your progress. Are you doing Gupta alone? It looks like you also do EFT and Touch for Health? What exactly do you think is helping you the most? I need to go back and start reading your early posts, but my internet access is limited at the moment.

    Thanks for visiting my meditation blog. BTW, my EI blog is: http://healingei.wordpress.com


  6. Hi Libby,
    Yes, the science behind Gupta is most helpful to me. I can picture exactly what I am reading about the Amygdala, and it makes perfect sense to me....I tend to do well with these types of explanations, and that is such a plus in all this. Also, I have noted that viewing posts on certain MCS web sites feels ever so much more negative now that I've been doing Gupta...they are definitely "celebrating" the illness culture in a way that I was not able to understand before. Therefore, I am abstaining from looking at them, as a part of my healing process. Wow! what a revelation that is!!! I am grateful every day for the new direction.
    Thanks again for the healing influence that you have by doing this blog :)I send blessings to you and every part of your day!
    Big hugs,

  7. hi Sandra,

    thanks for the link to your blog! I like it your approach and attitude there!
    I've only just tentatively begun doing the Gupta program in the last month and truly hardly do it at all.. yet. I can tell it is excellent and it contains a number of things that I was doing on my own already and seeing good results from.
    What do I think is helping me most?
    That's a really hard question to answer because I feel everything works together.
    I think changing my thinking patterns is probably one the most helpful things along with working towards having a relatively safe house and high doses of the herb schizandra (and as much of Dr. Pall's protocol as works for me).
    EFT helped remove a whole bunch of blocks to healing and set me on the healing path. T4H is very recent and I don't count it as part of what's helped me heal. the healing path has been a few years now. Prior to that I was either just staying the same or getting worse for a number of years.

    I haven't yet written a post about the ingredients in my personal healing recipe because I'm daunted. It's a lot of ingredients, some of which are hard to explain, and further, I believe that each person will have a different list of ingredients! So I get concerned people will try to do exactly what I did and expect it to work for them :-)

    I've made a little spot near the top of the right hand side bar of each page that has a short list of posts that focus entirely on my healing in case that helps with reading (re internet access)
    take care!

  8. hi Ruth,

    Thank you for those wonderful blessings!
    I bless you also, thank you for being a faithful reader, for taking the time to share via comments and for being a positive influence for others!

    I relate to what you say about the MCS groups. Unexpectedly, my healing got suddenly WAY faster when I stopped reading those.
    It's very hard to change one's thinking when immersed in a very strong paradigm like that.

    I congratulate you on honouring your intuition about that and I'm glad the Gupta program is feeling good for you! I think it is excellent... still haven't watched all the DVDs yet but am getting there :-)

  9. Sandra I forgot to say that having a skilled homeopath and doing traditional constitutional homeopathy is a HUGE part of my improvements and specifically to do with how fast I am improving. I was steadily healing before the homeopathy, but in the last 12 months I've been on the remedy, the improvements have become much faster.


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