March 13, 2009

Sharing Inspiration

Since my 'retreat', I haven't felt much like writing.

I've noticed that I'm very possessive of my energy - selecting carefully what I spend it on.
So I think that, for a while, I'll focus on sharing things here that are inspiring me in some way.

I'd like to share a video with you that recently made a huge impact on me.
It's a fascinating, passionate 18-minute talk given by Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist.

Many years ago she had a stroke and her description of the experience was amazing and, interestingly, spiritual! At the end of the talk I felt moved, inspired, full of joyful tears and so lucky to be a human in such a miraculous body! I hope you'll check out the video.

It took her 8 years to relearn how to walk, think and talk and she sees the entire experience as a positive thing! She is a strong advocate for the possibilities of recovering from strokes - or even being stronger than before they happened.
Her stroke stimulated the right/creative side of her brain and she now sings (advocating for people to donate their brains postmortem for research) and makes stained glass brains in addition to being a scientist!

My apologies to readers who are on dial up speed who have a hard time with videos. You could check out her book or website. Although I haven't read it yet, I've heard her book is incredibly inspiring.

You can view the video here. It's on the TED site which is inspiring all by itself! There are a plethora of inspiring, interesting talks given by people in fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED for short).

There is a real brain present for short time during the video - heads up for anyone who gets super grossed out by stuff like that :)


  1. Thanks so much for putting this lecture on your blog! It was fascinating!!!! I am thankful that she survived that stroke, and then told about it in this eloquent way, giving us a glimpse of something that we could never know about unless we experienced ourselves. Wow!!!!
    And a side note, I listened to Eddi Reader (also listed on the side) singing "Kiteflyer's Hill" and "What You Do With What you've got...." so moving and so evocative!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. Liberty,

    I had seen Jill Bolte Taylor's video and posted it as a link on Facebook awhile back. Prior to that I has seen her interviewed (online) by Oprah. It really is a moving and fascinating story.



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