March 16, 2009

After Recovering From MCS, Irish Woman Puts Out Meditation CD

I'd like to share an inspiring story with you today.

Derval Dunford, an Irish beautician, was mostly housebound and unable to work due to MCS.

As part of her healing journey, she developed a meditation practice for herself that she feels played a big role in her recovery.
She has now returned to working part time as a beautician as well as running meditation classes and putting out a double CD of guided, relaxation and unguided meditation!

The CD is available here and you can listen to a sample track here (click the link just above CD TRACK DETAILS).
I have listened to the sample track and encourage you to check it out! I really enjoyed it. By the end, I felt relaxed and peaceful (something rare in my mind filled constantly with jumbled thoughts).

Here are some press articles you can read about Derval if you like.

Mayo Advertiser

Sunday Business Post

You can also view my favourite article - the one in the Irish Mirror - at the site by scrolling down to the very bottom of this page and clicking the link mentioned in the final sentence. In this article, she says, "...I know that detoxing my mind played a big role in my recovery."

I had asked Derval how much she has recovered from MCS and she shared, "I feel I have recovered from MCS but I still steer clear of chemicals as much as possible & certainly wouldn't stay in an enclosed space for any period of time with a strong chemical smell. I use all natural products where possible. Having said that, I can go about my daily life as everyone else does, travelling on trains, planes and socialising Thank God!"

Thank you Derval for the inspiration and permission to post your words here!!!

1.  there is a great interview of Derval on Planet Thrive (to read click here).
2.  I ended up buying the CD and I love it (I have no financial interest)


  1. calming our mind and getting out of anxiety makes a huge difference. sometimes people think it's all in our mind that we are sick and i don't really agree with that- what i think is that if we have stress in our lives in amplifies the symptoms and weakens our body. i have used alot of calming CD's, meditation and breathing excersizes which i have mixed into my daily life without making a rigid routine. Even when my MCS was at it's worse i made sure to excersize as much as a could, and meditate - to help lead the way into recovering my life.
    i really liked that sample track, her accent and voice were really soothing.

  2. I also believe that stress can amplify symptoms and weaken the body.
    I think that any practice that 1) does no harm and 2) reduces stress, anxiety, worry, fear, resentment and any other 'negative' emotion can be an important part of the healing equation.

    I know I've had times when I can't exercise at all (due to severe post-exertional fatigue) so at those times, I avoid it. But when I can, I find exercise a great stress-reducer.

    I found Derval's voice and accent really soothing too :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this story. I always welcome hearing about any successes re. I gives me hope.

  4. You're welcome Julie,

    I'm the same - it gives me hope to hear of others healing or improving. And I feel hope can be very healing of itself - lessening stress and giving our bodies much-needed energy.

  5. Hello Liberty,
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