September 27, 2009

Healing Humour: A Great Poem About Fudge

Those of you with food sensitivities may appreciate this great poem by Amestress on her blog Life: The Final Attempt (not really).

It's called I Remember Fudge: a eulogy and to me it felt like she was using humour to express some painful feelings about loss.

I am green with envy over her writing skills!
Amestress is using dance to track her recovery from MCS and posts videos (sometimes with fun songs that crack me up :).

I personally have found humour to be a great coping skill and sometimes a healing tool. On down days, I access the healing properties of laughter by watching funny videos online or reading funny stories/books. Studies show that laughter can improve immune system health, increase oxygen to the brain, reduce pain and stress and much more.

Thanks Amestress both for permission to link and for inspiring me!


  1. Liberty! How fun to find a new post from you ... noticed a new pic on our followers ... and it was a 'new you'!

    I love the zip and vigor of this young woman's style ... thanks for opening the door to her blog. I've been having fun with her posts, and mahalo you for the navigation!!

  2. Mokihana and Pete: zip and vigor are such perfect words!

    I love her style too and am glad you enjoyed :)

    (p.s. if you guys got my first reply to this comment, which I've now deleted, I called Pete PeteR by accident - sorry!)

  3. Liberty thanks for the nudge toward fudge!!

    I really enjoy her candid, refreshing videos!



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