October 19, 2009

Community Site - Planet Thrive

I'm sorry it has taken me SO long to share this resource.
I'm finding writing a real challenge lately so I'll keep this brief :-)

Julie Genser has a really neat community/social site called Planet Thrive that has such a wealth of things do to and read that I won't list them all here but encourage you to sign up (it's FREE) and check them out yourself!

From their home page: "A hip, rockin' community for those who are ready to kick convention to the curb and reclaim responsibility for their health."

Planet Thrive's mission statement reads, "to connect, inform, and support people globally who are struggling to reverse the damaging health effects of an increasingly toxic world"
You can read more here.


  1. Thanks for the kudos Liberty! Really appreciate the support. You and I seem to be very much aligned on our path to recovering from MCS...and so I hope your faithful readers will find something of interest on Planet Thrive too. Our focus is on providing practical tips for coping with every day MCS life things, and sharing stories of others' inspired journeys with this illness. Whether or not we ultimately find true and complete "recovery," we aim to make the journey rich and meaningful. And having friends like you to share the path makes it all the better. Much love, Julie

  2. You're welcome Julie :-)
    I'm truly sorry it took me SO long to do. it's been a long time coming.
    A rich and meaningful journey is an incredibly valuable thing and a great thing to aim for I feel!

    Much love back and thank you for your great site.


  3. I recently joined PLanet Thrive and love it. Have you read the interviews on there for the Gupta method and Annie Hopper ---> both seem to lean towards curing MCS by retraining the brain. I am deeply interested in these methods, and inspired by Julie's interviews. Have you tried any of these methods?

  4. Hi Leslie,

    I was so glad to see you joined PT! I think your vibrant energy will be so appreciated there.

    I have read both of those interviews you mentioned.
    I am very interested in both methods though I haven't tried either yet due to money. I'm considering getting The Gupta Program on DVD because I like the idea of something I have for life that I can refer to rather than a seminar that I may forget many parts of due to brain fog. It's also far more affordable and accessible than the DNR Program.
    I really hope that Annie does make DVDs soon and keeps them affordable as Ashok has done. I would be interested in getting them too.

    I think that my own improvements are in part due to doing some similar things without realising what they were and I'm eager to find out more. The things I've been doing so far that are aimed at reprogramming myself are working very well.

    Although I don't personally believe that MCS is solely amygdala-related, I do believe that addressing that aspect of things may be capable of helping enough that our systems will be able to return to their natural healthy state.

    I don't believe what some people say about MCS being irreversible. I've known far too many people with supposedly 'incurable' conditions who have healed to beleive that any more (though I admit I used to be closed-minded and did think that). I don't believe it's ever 'too late' to hope or heal.

    I think that, no matter what else we do, having a safe house or safe space in one's house is very important. As I've been improving, I've kept using the safe-for-me things. It just seems like common sense.

    sorry to ramble on :-)

    I hope you'll join the groups on PT relating to those 2 approaches. The results people are sharing in the Gupta group are so awesome to read!


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