March 24, 2011

Tap-Along Audio and Script for MCS by Natalie HIll

Have you come across Natalie Hill's blog EFT Tapping Techniques yet? It's such a great resource. Natalie regularly shares tap-along EFT scripts and audios at no cost.

I had been reading her blog for quite a while and had no idea she was aware of MCS until she wrote three posts in a row on the topic in the fall of 2010. Somehow it has taken me this long to finally share the links with you here!

Natalie talks about chemical sensitivities and some of the beliefs and mind body habits we often end up with in this article here: Sensitive to Chemicals?. I like how she shares that using EFT can be an empowering experience (my words).

She shares a tap along script here that uses a that takes you from 'Dumping' to 'Dreaming': Tapping Script for Chemical Sensitivity (that you could print out to use any times or to adapt to your specific situation).

And an excellent resource for those of us who do well with audio is her audio tap-along here: Tap With Me Audio for Reacting to Chemicals
As with all EFT, you can adjust any words that don't feel a perfect fit for you. :-)
What a wonderful gift Natalie has given our community by making this available for free. It's almost 20 minutes long and in in M4a format so if you have an audio player that can play those files, you can save the file and listen to it away from the computer.
In Windows you can save the file by right clicking on the link and selecting "Save Link/Target As". For Mac users, you can save by Control clicking the link and selecting "Download ... As" (I don't use a Mac so haven't tested this)

*note* For those on dial up, the file is 26.5 MB so it's big and would really slow down your system.

Not sure what EFT is or why you'd use it for MCS? Check out my past post Why EFT and What Is It Anyhow?!

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