February 22, 2011

EFT for MCS article by Lisa Snow

If you are interested, check out this article on Planet Thrive by EFT practitioner Lisa Snow about using EFT for MCS.
I have had sessions with Lisa by telephone and her familiarity with MCS impressed me.

EFT for MCS by Lisa Snow

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  1. Libby, thank you so much for sharing your coach Lisa with Planet Thrive members. I am working with her now and really enjoying EFT as a tool in my own MCS recovery. I thought the article she wrote was EXCELLENT and really explains how EFT can be applied to MCS. All of this is thanks to you, I never would have found her, worked with her personally, or asked her to write the article for our site if you hadn't been so generous to share your coach with all of us. xxx Julie

  2. You're welcome Julie! I am so happy that you are enjoying having EFT in your recovery toolbox :-) And so glad that you connected with Lisa and that her great article came out of it!

  3. Libby, Thank you so much for sharing this resource. I am looking forward to connecting with coach Lisa. I love the idea of tapping and could certainly use support with it. Congratulations on your continuing recovery. Thanks for inspiring us!

  4. hi Sandra Lee, I'm glad this is a helpful resource for you! I hope you have a nice connection with Lisa :-)
    I wanted to mention to you that there is also a great, active group on Planet Thrive for people interested in the Gupta Program. I know you were interested in that at one point and you may really enjoy the discussions there :-)
    p.s. thank you for the congratulations! and you, too, are an inspiration :) I follow your blog by RSS.

  5. This was a delightful connection; both the connection to your coach and to be with the energy that you share. Thanks Liberty!


  6. I'm glad you enjoyed it Mokihana!
    I wanted to congratulate your son on his upcoming show in Paris!
    I am not able to access vardo for two for some reason so cannot comment but please know I am thinking of you :-)

  7. Thanks for the good wishes to our son! I have purposely turned the Vardo private, after invasiveness and disrespect threatened. Makua o'o is still open and gently nourishing.


  8. Dear Mokihana, I'm so sorry to hear that you had those disrespectful experiences... and so glad that you did what was right for you to take care of yourself! thanks for letting me know :-)


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