August 11, 2010

I'm Going On A Trip!

I'm very excited to have healed enough that traveling is now possible!

I am going to the Omega Institute next week (I wrote a bit more about it on my other blog here).

On the way there and back I will be staying for one night at a Bed and Breakfast that is MCS aware.  It has been used by patients of Dr. Sherry Rogers.  I will post a review of both the B&B and the Omega Institute some time after I get back. 

I'm also working on a post that has tips on having an MRI when you have MCS (I had 2 in June).  Writing is slow this summer so I'm not sure when these posts will happen but hopefully soon!

My summer is going well so far.  I am loving spending time in my gardens and morning walks and bicycling.
I am happy to be able to bike in traffic without reacting and ride on city buses!

I hope you are doing things you enjoy this summer! 


  1. So, so happy for you!!!
    I am also healing slowly from MCS, and it is great to feel alive again!
    enjoy, life has given us a second chance!
    Hugs full of healing energy!
    my blog:

  2. hi Marta,
    I so love reading that you are healing and feeling alive again! That is wonderful to hear.
    Thank you for commenting and sharing the link to your blog.
    Healing hugs back!!!



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