October 12, 2017

Still Healing! Yay!! Life Is SO Different Now.

I've recently been getting emails from readers who have found this blog and it made me realise that it's been years since I've posted!  Maybe I'll update a bit for those who find this blog and wonder if my improvements have held.
I'm a nutshell: yes. They have. And they've continued beyond my wildest hopes.

Wow. 5 years!!!

Life has been progressing and my continued healing has opened the world up to me again.
It's amazing, and what's more amazing is that this is now the norm.

I ride the bus, crowded in amongst people wearing scented products, drive with friends in their new cars, go to regular appointments and events, get togethers and parties, concerts, movies, swimming in chlorinated pools, rollerskating in rented skates that have been sprayed with air freshener, go for medical procedures including IVs, meds, medical tape, medications, etc, go to a ten-day music festival in the woods with 1500 people (many covered in bug repellent and sunscreen, much smoking around me, though thankfully there was a rule of no smoking on the dancefloors )...

... I can read brand new books, magazines, and newspapers, and use many art supplies including acrylic paint and pencil crayons (I used to be unable to be in the room with a single one due to reacting to terpenes from the wood).
I'm able to use some select mild amounts of essential oils. I can be around coffee, orange peel, fresh cut mint, vinegar, and more.

Some of those things, with long enough or intense enough exposure, still cause reactions but the symptoms are generally mild and I recover quickly.
They rarely interfere.

The are still things (eg solvents, chlorine bleach, nail polish, ammonia) that would cause more severe reactions but my experience with those has changed as well. Things that previously could have been life-threatening and landed me in the hospital or ill in bed for weeks, might instead cause mild coughing for a few days, or a tight chest and difficulty thinking clearly until I get to fresh air. I avoid these things when possible but am calm when I'm exposed.

Spending time with people who are covered in scented laundry or personal care products, or in spaces with lit incense/scented candles or air freshener are still things that I avoid when I can, and often get headaches or migraines if I do choose to expose myself, but this does not amount to a life changing limitation.
I rarely wear a mask. I can't recall the last time I did. Perhaps it was on a many hours long road trip in a car that had strong gasoline fumes inside it.
Or if I was painting an entire wall in my apartment.
The poor masks are lonely in their box and I bet the local safety supply store misses my business.  ;-)

Well, that's all for now.
Wishing you all well.

**For those asking if I used a specific protocol to heal, no. But in the upper ride hand sidebar of the blog, there is a list of links to things that were important components of my own healing journey.
We are all individuals. Maybe some of those may benefit you, maybe you'll discover your own approach! Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom. That is what guided me to my path. It can be really hard to listen when fear and suffering are almost all we know. It's okay to start with very tiny baby steps. That's what I did.



  1. SO awesome! I am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful update. So glad to hear all of the amazing things you are able to enjoy now. Much love! xx Julie

  2. Yayyy! I'm so glad you've posted this really wonderful update. :-) As someone very close in your life, I've ongoing been an observer and admirer of your commitment to being focused on the positive! I've seen wonderful changes in your life, and one of your comments you made about when you might possibly wear a mask really hilights those changes: "Or if I was painting an entire wall in my apartment." Wow! The mere fact that you would even Consider painting Any portion of Anything in your apartment (to say nothing of the fact you've done it) speaks volumes for how much your life has changed. Congratulations. :-) You're a great example of someone who has taken huge giant-steps in their healing journey, recoving from MCS.

    KurlyKath (AKA Mom) :-)

  3. How great to have this update on your life now Libby. This is a wonderful site and was an inspiration to me on my own recovery path. Although I mixed and matched techniques from two brain retraining DVD courses, you actually encapsulate what brain retraining is in your post "Shifting Focus". And you worked it all out yourself which is pretty deep. I could not have done this myself. I made the first tentative steps to recovery in 2012 and now have a completely normal life. I hope others who are lucky enough to find your blog will be inspired as I was and see it is OK to take baby steps to recovery. I hardly dared believe this miracle of recovery could happen but it can. With love, Brenda

  4. Thank you all for your comments! 🙂🙂

    Julie: much love coming back your way!! 💜
    Mom: thank you for being there for me through this journey, and for observing and reflecting back to me. 💚
    Brenda: I loved reading about your experience. I'm so happy for you and excited about your complete recovery! Thank you for sharing it here. 💗


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