April 24, 2010

Inspiring People With MCS - Amy Ludwigson

The website of Amy Ludwigson, Pure Habitat, is the home of her insightful blog filled with posts to get your introspective juices flowing.  I frequently find it joyful and enlightening and, perhaps even more valuable, it inspires me to get to know myself better, to go within and question myself.

A quote from her About page:
"I have laughed, I have danced, I have cried, but most importantly on this journey I have learned about Love.  Not the gushy, you are just sooo cute I wanna kiss you type of love, but the life changing, no strings attached love that breaks all boundaries."

Amy has had MCS for over a decade and has a wonderful dream that I'm sure all people with MCS/EI can appreciate!

Until the time comes for that dream to manifest, Amy is working on creating, "...an online marketplace that sells everything that you need to live consciously - aware of the interdependence of our world.  A place that revolutionizes the way that we shop.  Where we understand value meaning something sooo much deeper then price."

Amy's voice is a strong, empowered and eloquent one and is a gift to the community.
She recently wrote a wonderful piece entitled Why My Life Is better Because Of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity which was featured on The Canary Report and quickly elicited over 30 heartfelt comments!

If you like to be inspired, click here to sign up to her blog feed.


  1. Libby, you are sooo sweet!

  2. Libby, I liked her article. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Libby,

    I think you will like this blog! Very creative and fun.


  4. Amy - so are you!!!! ♥☺♥

    Shayla - I'm glad you liked it! ☺

    Sandra - thank you - I will check out that site ☺

  5. Liberty,

    Amy's post on The Canary Report recently was my introduction to her. She has a wonderful attitude!


    P.S. MCS Awareness Month is off and running... :)


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